Hello World. Well, EDM World.

Hello world. Well, EDM world for that matter.

This has been brewing for a while now. If I had a pound for everytime I told friends, acquaintances, fellow producers, DJs and label owners  that I wanted to have my own music blog up and running I would have had the money  to get me to Tomorrowland, Ultra, Coachella and everything in between for a dozen years.  Well that and a good number of articles. I think.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that it’s indeed never too late.

I’ve made lots of friends in the music industry back in the day. Ever since I placed that first EJAY sample to create my very first song – aptly titled ‘Tabla Dance’ – a unique 4×4 beat induced track with actual Tabla samples, my own vocals and piano riffs galore, I was on my way.  That was back in 2000. Yes 2000, a hefty 18 years ago almost. I started producing a lot, but like most of producers know, you end up with over fifty songs with weird unoriginal names like ‘Song1’ down to ‘Song50’ and adding the ‘SongwithCoolBassline’ every once in a while. The production process of songs and tracks, as much as it’s truly fulfilling, can be ever so daunting. You spend hours and hours perfecting that bassline or getting that oomph sounding kick, playing around with filters, automation and everything in between. Back then we producers were introduced to the world of Fruity Loops, Cubase, Reason and more. Then things started to take a turn for the better as the vast amount of samples, technological advances and progression of sound took place. Oh the times. You could go on 12 hours straight producing a track only for it to all break down.

But that’s another story.

After two years of production I began DJing, and hand in hand I became known and quite active on both the local and global trance scene. That very first time my recorded set got played on Nile FM one month after it opened back in 2003 – I still remember every minute to this day, back in the days of Simon Ramsden and Lou.  There will come a time when I will post a blog about what exactly happened and how I got my second big break on Nile FM.

My very first big break was getting global attention on one of the most famous music sharing sites back in 2002/2003. It was called The Sounds of Europe, and it was managed by one of my oldest DJ friends and a hell of a good guy – Will Dos Santos. I had a bootleg remix produced of a Lange track called ‘I Believe’, and I produced it on Fruity Loops. Vocals had a lot of ‘We Live Fantasy’ in it, and that’s what it was called. It was shared on the website by Will under my newfound DJ name/alias that I was beginning to get known by – DJ Resemo. It got loads of shares and I started to get noticed more and more, not just as a producer, but as a DJ as well.

As for the DJ Resemo name and where it came from, well there will be another blog post for that.

After numerous plays on Nile FM, I became a regular on the House Nation show, first managed by Simon and Lou, then Essam Gawish, then later on by my very dear friend Ahmed Yehia, more known as DJ Carlos back in the day. It was later dubbed ‘The Hot Mix’. He’s a top guy.

I started playing lots of guest-mixes on the biggest internet radio stations from 2004 to 2011. The very first ‘mega’ trance internet radio station was ‘Trance Airwaves’ then Digitally Imported came into foray, with Afterhours.FM and ETN.FM, all of which I was regularly playing on there, racking up listener views to reach thirty thousand listeners per show on the big stations.  It was around 2006/07 when I landed my very first own online radio show on a German radio station, owned by my very dear friend Mario Wilkens, Ensonic.FM. My very first ‘Dynamic Beats’ episode saw the light. It was aired on Ensonic.FM for four years, 48 episodes, racking up monthly listeners of two thousand plus. ‘Dynamic Beats’ is now back in the big leagues after a four year hiatus on my SoundCloud page – obviously with the name ‘Resemo’. It still has the harmonic mixing which I am profoundly known for, the diversified genre of trance I play, and the term I actually coined back in 2008 – diversified, electro-trance. You had electro house, but no one was actually using the electro-trance term. Trademark THAT.

It was also around back in 2006 where I played live a couple of times either in private parties or Bliss – down in Imperial Boat Zamalek once or twice. The lure of controlling the clubbers or music fans with your music as you take them on a blissful journey is second to none. DJs will certainly relate.

But that’s also another story for another blog post.

Throughout the years I witnessed a lot of things in the industry. I have seen the rise and fall of artists, including myself, along the way. Brilliant success stories, empires built from scratch, early raves, downfalls, genre-shifting DJs and everything in between. 18 years is a lot in the industry, and I am supremely immersed in it. The meteoric rise of Aly & Fila from first meeting them back in 2002 and seeing them play their own productions like ‘Less and Less’ to the hour of when they broke the internet and became well known after Ronski Speed remixed ‘Eye of Horus’, to seeing them climb the DJ Mag charts down to having their very own stage in the world’s biggest electronic music festival Tomorrowland. I am proud to have been there since the beginning. Mohamed Ragab is another name that comes to mind, one of the most talented, hard-working producers in the scene. Fuzzy, Tamer Fouda, Brave, Youka, El Sisi, Shadows, Hassan El Shafei, Cazlo, Zalouma, Hisham Kharma and loads of other Egyptian DJs and producers each with their own story. I have seen the rise of Above and Beyond, the stupendous rise of the Anjunabeats brand, the commercialization of EDM, the rise of Dubstep and how Skrillex had a profound effect on it, the rise of social media in the music industry, the various trends and shifts of styles, cross-over genres and more. I’ve witnessed the rise of progressive trance with Markus Schulz’s Global DJ Broadcast show and how that subsided, the rise and quick fall of Tropical House, Madeon’s very first Launchpad hit Pop Culture, Ilan Bluestone’s welcome video to Anjunabeats with Maor Levi and loads, loads more.  I interviewed lots of artists in the scene, prolific party organizers and label owners. I was the press release manager for Iji Recordings, pumping out descriptions of release after release. I still remember the very first Ahmed El Ganzouri interview in Campus Mag back in 2008 which I helped in, where he stated that he will become one of the biggest party organizers in Egypt. He came true to his word. Obviously that was well after the house raves that we flocked to in Haram and Mansoureya villas. Oh the times.

There are lots and lots of stories and I cannot wait to shed light on lots of them.

As most of the rather ‘old’ producers will tell you, producing music gives you a completely different insight on things when it comes to the music world. Listening to hundreds of songs every day for the past 18 years, along with DJing and production gives you instinctive credibility like no other.  I was a judge at various mixing competitions, from the legendary Tranceaddict website competitions to the UKTranceAlliance days. Judging how sets are mixed, and how you as a DJ are responsible for taking the listener on a memorable journey. I judged live DJ competitions and by time, obviously given that you have the ear for it, you pick up every little thing. Every mismatch of a beat, every new gimmick used in a produced song, every change in harmonic and every note played. It’s in your blood. It’s like water. What you also get is filtration and selection. With the insane amount of releases being pumped out every day, it’s a matter of quality versus quantity. And this is what you will be getting EDMBlips.com right here, only the VERY best in electronic music, from every genre out there.

What you will be getting in bucket loads is music, artists and interviews that you would actually want to listen to, know and read about. Discover new music, REALLY new music from artists all over the EDM spectrum. Read interviews with up and coming producers and DJs. Good ones.  EXPERIENCE the best gigs, festivals and club nights. Listen to EXCLUSIVE sets from the best artists in the EDM domain, and by best I don’t necessarily mean DJ Mag Top 100 best. Although as you probably know that wouldn’t hurt. Shush, don’t tell anyone.

Welcome to your number one source of the best in EDM. I welcome you with open arms to EDMBlips.com

Hello world.



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