Sam Gellaitry Strikes Gold with Diet Coke’s Twisted Mango Superbowl Ad

You know you’ve made it big as a producer when a big multi-nationals use your productions in their advertisements. Using it for Superbowl ads is a whole other level. This is EXACTLY what happened with prodigal 20 year old Scottish producer Sam Gellaitry just last week.

As part of their Diet Coke Superbowl campaign, Coca Cola released this uber-weird, but super funny ad featuring Aussie TV personality and actress Hayley Magnus grooving to the infectious ‘LONG DISTANCE’ – guarnteed to make you squirm but with a smile on your face.

Now nevermind all of this. Sam Gellaitry’s ‘Long Distance’ used in the ad has a drop and a beat that will make any stiff mofo get down and do double dips. An infectious beat with a drop kicks in at the one minute mark bundled with modified trumpet stabs, synths and multiple clap formations. The vocals hold no back as well. A fusion of Trap and R n’ B at its finest.

Funny how this song has been released back in 2015 but made a lovely comeback 3 years later. Just shows how there are hidden gems everywhere.

Having this song on repeat for a couple of days now.

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