WATCH: Alan Walker’s “Unmasked” Takes Me On a Trip Down Memory Lane

Music production is a very long, hard (that’s what she said) process. It’s a time consuming process that takes you on a world of magic, wonder, frustration and euphoria. It’s an endless stream of constantly trying to improve and perfect a sound, a voice that is playing in your head.

Norwegian DJ/producer Alan Walker, who’s rise to fame has been quite notable releases a YouTube documentary series documenting his rise to fame, from self-learning productions to playing major gigs.

Watching episode 3 of ‘Unmasked’ below, I couldn’t help but reminisce on days gone by, of those long nights in my bedroom, with my Roland Edirol, FL Studio, Nexus and Sylenth plugins up and running – searching for that perfect melody, that perfect kick. Once you get that spot on, or that technique of side-chaining as you imagined in your head, the feeling is indescribable.

Watch the episode below:

Check out my remix for Xetro’s Abrupt Interrupt below:

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