BLIP OF THE SUMMER: Fisher’s techno gem ‘Losing It’ hits all the right notes

It’s not everyday that a song catches the attention of both the experienced music honchos and the causal listener at the same time, but this is what Paul Fisher’s new gem ‘Losing It’ exactly did.

Initially dropping this ID in Coachella 2018, Paul Fisher has been teasing this release on his Instagram for sometime now. It has infectious beat and bassline that would make the most timid of people dance and move.

‘Losing It’ is one of the most played songs in festivals throughout, and was one of the most played out songs in Tomorrowland 2018, getting played by the likes of Zonderling and Kungs among others.

Zonderling playing ‘Losing It’ in Tomorrowland – Starts at 6 mins.

Take a listen below for what is DEFINITELY the song of the summer.

Fisher – Losing It

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